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Our technology, called ERVO, is globally unique. This technology is capable to utilize every kind of organic waste, even with any amount of inorganic impurities. Processing of waste is based on a repeated cycle of cleavage (depolymerization) and synthesis (reforming) of organic molecules, with continuous use of chemical catalysts and neutralizers.


The “depolymerization-reforming” cycle is repeated so many times, until the output product is sufficiently homogeneous. The result of the waste-reprocessing is a homogeneous chemical raw material, the same as is currently used in petrochemistry for the production of polymers (not obtained from crude oil, but extracted from waste (!!). By mining from waste, we can significantly replace the consumption of crude oil, natural gas and natural rubber.

OUR TECHNOLOGY - Easy to install and maintain

Our technology is simple both to use and maintain and can be easily transported in standardized containers (one unit = three 40-foot containers). The installation takes only 20 days. It can work even with no external energy source, produces no toxic emissions or exhalations and no toxic or dangerous products.


Due to the quick installation and low-maintenance operation, utilization is possible in countries currently most responsible for pollution.



We have developed new, unique technologies that enable a true raw material recovery of any organic waste materials.


ECOLOG SPACE will reward every partner who actively contributes to our project. We guarantee that all partners will be fully informed about everything we do. The company will practice complete transparency within its daily operations.


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The main advantages of ERVO technology:

Which sort of materials can be processed: 


  • ERVO technology can utilize any organic material, and extract all reusable raw materials from it. Incoming material may not be sorted out, may be contaminated and contain inorganic impurities.

  • ERVO technology can utilize unsorted municipal waste, housing waste, plastics (all kinds of polymers), all kinds of tires, industrial sludge, oil lagoons, sewage sludge, biogas production waste, agro-, bio-, slaughterhouse- and food production waste, etc…

  • Plastics are today the biggest and most discussed challenge. We can extract all reusable raw materials from any kind of plastic, including PVC, PET, ABS and building polystyrene PS (which no other technology can(!!)), also from  composite materials, and from materials with high content of inorganic or dangerous additives (fire retardants being one of them).

  • Inorganic additives pose no limits, ERVO technology can separate them. That is why we can utilize even car plastics (containing up to 40 % of inorganic fillers) or oil lagoon material (containing sand or clay), communal waste (made pretty much of everything you can imagine), TAP, wind power plant blades (made of composite materials), fiberglass tanks, floaters, ship hulls and other complicated materials.

  • ERVO technology is the only existing one for real tires, PET, PVC “to-raw-materials” recycling (!!).


Ecological Technology

  • ERVO technology is completely neutral and safe in relation to the environment.  No harmful gases escape into the atmosphere, no harmful substances escape into the surroundings. The three-shell reactor has a single-piece core, cast by special technology.

  • Whole technical line is designed to comply with the strictest EU requirements for work safety and environmental protection.

  • TUV Nord certified.

Highly effective

  • The processing is very effective. Through continual control with ongoing optimization (Siemens/TESLA control unit), it extracts and process from 99,5 up to 100 % of the organic materials from the waste (!). The ERVO technology produces no residual heat, as all energy is used for organic material reforming.


Guarantees homogenous output

  • As the only technology in the world, we guarantee the homogeneity of the end product (it is the main advantage of the ERVO technology) by using mixed, contaminated and inhomogeneous input materials. And more, we can alter it to the client’s requirements.

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