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All data is collected and stored in the Ecolog Space platform and was last updated March 2020


Ecolog Space

Ecolog Space Token

ECOLOG Space uses new unique technologies to solve growing amount of waste on the Earth. LOG Security Tokens secure transparent investment into this technology.

We would like to use Token LOG to finance global projects in our platform to create common win-win situation. The Log is fair and transparent.

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Everyone who joins our project will help the planet, their children and children of their children. But that's not all, in addition he will also participate in profit generated by this project. Is fair that those, who do their part in cleaning up and saving our planet, will also receive a appropriate reward.

Our Roadmap

January 2020

September 2020

September 2019

First Idea

Ecolog Space

100 ERVO units ordered

May 2020

First realization

UT Token Zákupy

January 2021


50.000.000 LOG Token

December 2019

Tokens issued

April 2020


2.000.000 LOG Token

June 2020

LOG Token

Sale for 1.00 USD

December 2020

10.000 Users of our platform

Who we are?

ECOlog is an international platform that concentrates knowledge, information, resources, experience to really clean the planet of people-made synthetical waste. We connect our partners' initiative with government and international organizations, NGOs, transnational cooperation, universities and research organizations, and allow anyone with a genuine interest to contribute to the cleansing of our planet.


The latest scientific research results enable a new phase in waste recycling, moving from mechanical recycling to true raw material recycling. Today, it is no longer enough to crush used tires and PET bottles and make them the same again, because such mechanical recycling has only a limited amount of repetition. The time has come when raw material recycling must be carried out, and the original raw materials should be extracted from the waste. That's what we do with our new ERVO technology. For the first time ever, anyone interested can help clean up the planet, thanks to Blockchain technology. Every person, from any country, can contribute to the cleaning of our planet through ECOlog platform.

How we do it?

How we do it?

Openness and fairness are our principles. Anyone who participates in the cleansing of the planet must be fairly rewarded, and anyone who dirtys the planet must be penalized. Blockchain technology allows you to openly track every dollar invested, control the effectiveness of your money, control the amount of waste removed and processed, and get a fair reward.

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